Popular questions

Do you charge extra for debit or credit card payments?
No. There is no additional charge for paying by debit or credit card.

Will anyone else be travelling in the vehicle I book?
No, we only offer private transfers, so the price you pay reserves the vehicle exclusively for your group.

My company requires an invoice, can you supply one?
Yes we can provide you with an invoice if required. Remember ask the taxi driver for the invoice during your trip.

How do I know my card and personal details are safe?
All booking pages that require you to enter personal information are secured using SSL encryption Payments are made at the end of the booking process when you are redirected to the secure payment page powered by Stripe (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, …).

Are there any extra charges?
Any extras will be shown at the time of booking. The price total on your confirmation is final. There are no hidden charges.

Should i pay before my arrival ?
No. You only have to pay a small deposit to confirm your booking. The rest of money you will pay to the driver at the end of each transfer.

There will be children in my group. Can you supply child seats?
For most vehicles, yes we can. Please specify how many child and/or baby seats you require in Step 2 of the online booking process. Child / baby seats will ..

What if I need wheelchair space?
If you require wheelchair space, you can indicate that in the booking process “Eurotaxi”. Please use English as language in comments if you have to explain, request your require.

There will be children in my group. Can you supply child seats?
For most vehicles, yes we can. Please specify how many child and/or baby seats you require in Step 2 of the online booking process. Child / baby seats will be provided if booked whenever possible, however there may be instances when such seats are unable to be provided. In such instances, you will be entitled to a full refund for seats not supplied. If you are unwilling to travel in the event that child / baby seats are not supplied, please provide your own.

How can I contact Taxi2airport?
You can contact us by email or contact form, our full details are available on our contact page. Our Customer Service Center is open during business hours.

When should I book?
Although you may book your transfer(s) online up to 24hours before your travel date, we recommend that you book as early as possible. By booking your transfer(s) early, you have the best chance of beating any price increases, which may occur at any time during the year, especially prior to each holiday season. 

My flight has been cancelled and I no longer require a transfer. Can I cancel my booking?
Yes, in accordance with our terms and conditions.

My payment confirmation and/or booking voucher haven’t arrived by email. What should I do?
In rare instances, it is possible that your email server or software may mistake our emails for spam and not deliver them.  If you feel that you should have received a communication from us, but have not, please email Customer Service Center.

How about refunds?
In case of a refund, we will immediately refund your money. Please note: Stripe credit card processing fees (between 1.4% – 2.9% depending on your credit card) are non refundable when you cancel your reservation.

Where will i meet my driver?
The driver will be waiting for in the arrivals lounge of the airport, holding a sign showing the passenger name provided.

What happens if I can’t locate my driver?
If you have any trouble locating your driver, please contact the driver directly at the telephone number on top of your voucher. If you are not able to reac…

What if my flight is delayed or cancelled?
Your flight will be monitored for delays, to ensure your driver will be waiting for you at the correct time.

Does the transfer take us directly to my drop-off location?
The private transfer service takes you directly to your location. The shared shuttle service will take you to your drop-off chosen location.

My flight has changed. Can I reschedule my transfer?
In most cases we will be able to reschedule your transfer without a problem. However, if it is a busy time of the year, it is possible (but unlikely) that we may not have availability for your new transfer time. Please contact us the moment you know about your change in schedule to allow us sufficient time to reorganize your transfer. If we are unable to reschedule your transfer, we will refund you in accordance with our terms and conditions.

What is the size of a Medium and Small suitcase?
The average Hight of a Medium Luggage is approximately 76cm / 30 inches and Width of around 45cm / 18 inches. Small or cabin luggage has Height of approximately 48cm / 19 inches and Width of approximately 32cm / 13 inches. If you have large, oversized luggage or extra luggage (bikes, golf sticks, etc) please specify on the booking form. Note that it is your responsibility to select a vehicle with the correct luggage capacity.

Who should I contact, if I have comments or suggestions to make?
We actively welcome our customers’ comments and suggestions, and treat them as a valuable insight as to how to improve our service. You can also email us.